The Peppi ecosystem provides digital support for education institutions.

Peppi digitally encompasses all the processes and phases of obtaining a degree, and it actively guides students through their studies. Peppi offers curriculum development, resource management, evaluation, and plenty of other services with integrated user experience.


Remember to open your firewall in order to use the services below.


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Event- and phenomenon-based Collecte offers organizations a modular storage platform. It enables its user to securely and flexibly store and publish data on any external service.

The system can be used in many different ways — for example, in museums, archives and libraries or in schools where students can find information about stored objects, literature, photographs and/or art collections.


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With the Formjack software, you can create surveys and manage enrollments, student applications and the collection of any kind of data from students, customers, employees etc. The sky is the limit!

Formjack is also a workflow platform. Through verification and approval phases within the software, organizations can safely move requests and other kinds of data from one processor and phase into another while respecting respondents' privacy. Formjack can also process payments.


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With Timetable, you can easily view course dates and locations and add courses to your schedule.


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Wihi is a software for the supervision and management of thesis projects. It streamlines the thesis process and reduces the amount of manual work, and it is meant to be used by students, coordinators, and advisors.